Redneck militants

2 responses to “Redneck militants

  1. did somebody already point out the origin of the term “redneck”?
    The label became a popular reference to the coal miners who rose up in the 1921 Battle of Blair Mountain in the Appalachian Mountains in Kanawha West Virginia. It was the largest armed uprising in US labor history (so far), with 12,000 armed workers converging from West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania to fight the bosses and defend the right to organize. It was eventually crushed by federal troops, but in the historical archives of labor you can still see them fighting with their helmets, guns and red bandanas around their necks. (although the pictures are black and white).
    theres a great People’s History poster about it by Chris Stain at (Feb 2007)

  2. that Harlan County uprising video looks amazing by the way. hope you are screening it soon!

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