Informal Economy

Here’s something from Revolutionary Autonomous Communities on the Informal Economy.


At a time when many have lost their jobs and more cannot find them;

At a time when donations to food banks, missions and charities are drying up;

At the same time more and more people find themselves in dire need of assistance;

At such a time we must all pull together lest we all fall apart.

Let us face it.

The system of capitalism is failing the majority of the people. Because profits can no longer be made, workers are laid off:

In March of this year, 742,000 people joined the ranks of the official 6,000,000 laid off workers receiving unemployment compensation. Many more are receiving the pitiful benefits of general relief and welfare payments. Many, many more get no benefits at all.

Workers terminated from their positions find that there are no jobs to be found. Yet we still have bills to pay, rent to cover and the mouths of our families to feed. Having been expelled from what is called the formal economy, an economy that has failed, we humans struggle to find ways to keep our families together, to keep themselves sane.

RAC says

“Hands off the Workers of the Informal Economy”

“Living-wage Jobs for All”

New methods of making a living are and will continue to arise in the informal economy:

Day Laborers: skilled plumbers, masons and carpenters who can find no regular work stand in front of Home Depot hoping for jobs that pay a fraction of their just wage; Urban Miners: collect aluminum cans, glass bottles and plastic from trash cans; Concessionaires: cook hot dogs, tacos and burritos, and pupusas, etc; Street Vendors: sell jeans, dresses, appliances, dishes, etc. at prices less than the stores charge.

At a time when workers’ efforts to generate and create work are more and more necessitated, the LAPD has increased its efforts against those whose only crime is to try to make a living. Day laborers are driven away from their posts; Urban Miners are given a ticket for having the shopping cart they must have; Concessionaires are given violations of a health code designed to ensure that only the well-off can start a business; and, Street Vendors are hassled with their goods confiscated and/or trashed.

One response to “Informal Economy

  1. how the informal economy can be an answer to the global recession – infnormal workers are struggling to survive and put their skills and alilit6ies to use -this should be harnessed, not pushed further underground

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