Calcutta Sex Workers March on May Day

Here’s a report (with video) discussing the recent May Day Protest in Calcutta where sex workers marched demanding the legalization of sex work.

India May Day

The question of sex work is touchy in general, but amongst the Left and Feminists in particular.  There are groups denouncing those who seek de-criminalization of sex work in the Bay Area due to the entanglement of human trafficking which they claim goes unchecked if sex work is decriminalized.

These Indian sex workers are demanding the right to be able to earn a legal wage in return for their work.  If they were to get this, wouldn’t it represent a more accessible terrain for class struggle on their part?

One response to “Calcutta Sex Workers March on May Day

  1. There has always been a fierce debate over whether sex work should be legalized or not, and this debate has been fought within different feminist groups, but these groups who organize fiercely against the legalization of sex work have it all wrong. Protesting legislation that de-criminalizes sex work is not going to end trafficking or the violent exploitation of women. It will continue regardless, because these women need to find ways to survive, and their conditions will almost always be exploitative, because we live in a capitalist system that will only work if it’s exploiting the worker and / or the land for surplus value. I am in solidarity with these Indian sex workers. I think short term goal: legalization of all sex work for fair wages, and health benefits, long term goal: dismantling the system that forces you to sell yourself to someone for a wage. That would really stop the exploitation of ALL women and would truly be a militant feminist movement!

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