Anti-Racism in the Class Struggle

Ben Fletcher

Ben Fletcher

Ben Fletcher was a Black member of the Indusrial Workers of the World who led strikes at the ports in Pennsylvania in 1912, integrating and uniting Black and White workers against racism and exploitation. Threatenend by the government, he was arrested as a subversive in 1920 during the Palmer raids.

2 responses to “Anti-Racism in the Class Struggle

  1. i admit that i am simply attaching my little piece only approximately to a more thorough and analytical piece her,to bring news of a significant victory today.

    comrades may be aware that the edl/english defence league have been using every opportunity on the streets and in the media here to spread their racist part of this they had planned a major demonstration in the east end of london today.

    partly because of the recent,august riots,and also at the behest of the labour party and the uaf/united against fascism,the home secretary imposed a 30 day ban on marches of any kind on a significant part of east london a few days ago.

    whilst this prevented a march it did not stop the fascists intent to hold a static demonstration.the community and organised socialists thought differently ansd continued to mobilise against the racists.

    reports indicate that whilst the edl was able to organise briefly at a number of pockets,and in doing so to spit their racist filth and to assault journalists,muslims and others-they have been completely prevented from anything more.

    rmt,a rail union said it would close stations on safety grounds where the fasc intended to mobilise closed at least one major rail terminal successfully preventing the edl gathering or gain8ing any momentum.

    shops and services and pubs in the fiocus area closed their doors to the the middle of the afternoon uaf/united against fascism,uee/united east end.trades unionists,community groups,student organisations and youth MARCHED in victory,chanting”whose streeets?our streets”

    this is one battle but it is not the war yet won.that said it raises the spirits of all of us that at once the community,working people united can defeat the fascists,the police and the state.if only for qa moment,then it is an important moment.

    just as in 1936 the east end at cable shtreet showed a previous generation of fascists that they shall not pass,so today a new generation has shown there is no place for fascist ,racist and discriminatory bile.

    whilst i was not able to be there(due to disability) i too had a strong sense that london streets are for a moment ours and experienced a glimpse of a better way to live and to be.

    i yearn for those better days.we cannot rest,there is a lot to be done.

    i is we,and we are not yet

    but we are coming!

  2. please also seek my 2 related pieces on the international luxemburgist forum/networkin the second piece i have reflected critically though undoubtedly inadequately on another report on shiraz socialist which itself has a different perspective

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