Soldiers of Solidarity – Militant worker Org w/in the UAW

Soldiers of Solidarity (SOS) is a rank-and-file militant workers organization within the United Auto Workers. They think the leaders are sellouts and try to get their coworkers not to accept the new contracts that have been forced upon them now for the last 5 or so years.

Money isn’t lost, it changes hands. It’s not a conspiracy, it’s capitalism.

For a glimpse into the culture of these people check out this video.

Its a little cheesy, the country/blues/rock music isn’t exactly what we listen to on the west coast, and there’s a lot of red, white, and blue. but what counts is their organizing perspective which is dope:

We the People are at war. We need to develop Soldiers, not coareer opportunists. It will take time and patiences, there wil be set backs and victories. Given time and effort, the law of multiplication will prevail. If on goes out and trains two soldiers; and they go aout and do the same, and this continues, we will have our army. We the People are the Union.” — Miguel X. Chavarria

3 responses to “Soldiers of Solidarity – Militant worker Org w/in the UAW

  1. Thanks for noticing us. I made the cheesey video. It is hard to find good labor songs so I did my best. lol!

    You can find people discussing the UAW, the big three, and what is happening to them personally at the SOS sister site,

  2. Our local 892 bargaining committee sold all the Visteon/ACH members out. Lock, stock , and barrel. I am a member of ACH that has topped out at 16.50 as a Temp since 2007. FULL TIME BUT TEMP for four years. The UAW signed a tentative agreement with the Frog multibillion tier hell company without bringing that contract before the ACH UAW members. In that contract I will maintain my 16.50 P/hr wage this year then take a paycut to 15.90 P/hr next year. That’s TOP WAGE! This year I will pay for medical benies 50 bucks a month. I didn’t have to pay those before as ACH. I will be given one uniform that will be replaced when it’s ratted out. (must be worn daily…warden’s orders) I will have my 2 payed breaks cut from 20 min to 15 min and a 20 min unpaid lunch. I will be allowed to wear steel toe shoes only in a plastics plant that required closed toed shoes before. New hires will make 11.00 p/hr to start and top out at 15.90 p/hr. One year employees get the same vacation time as four year employees. A 6 point attendance system attendance policy will replace the present one. .5 point for being late and 1 point for being absent. If you reach 6 points in a year you are terminated.

    • Now you tell me. How can anyone afford to by an auto from the makers we supply. I will lose money every yrear over the 4 years. I will be forced to work 7 days a week. without so much as a prayer to have a chance at retirement. THIS IS AN OBOMINATION! Oh but wait..they are offering us a 2500.00 signing bonus…after 40% gift tax and The UAW ‘s cut. ..well 1250.oo? There is an incentive bonus per year of 500.00 very vaguely outlined..guess if we blow Bob King and management twice a week we have a shot at some or MAYBE EVEN ALL OF IT…WWWWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.Lastly, for the priviledge of being in this union the union will bless us with taking 2 hours of our wages for their job well done. The UAW moving it’s members towards poverty and slavery one contract at a time.

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