Police Brutality against Womyn

When we think about the victims of police brutality in our communities, names like Oscar Grant and Sean Bell come to mind. We know that young black men are constantly victimized by the police, but we don’t often talk about the way police violence is used against womyn.

Police brutality, when it happens to a Sean Bell or Oscar Grant, quickly takes a certain shape in the public’s mind…(he was a drug dealer, a gang banger, etc.)

But what about the womyn who are victims of police brutality? We don’t talk about police violence that happens to womyn enough or at all, so we’d like to spark that discussion.

This first video is of police deputy Paul Schene, beating this teen girl, who’s been incarcerated. This happened last year, but he went to court back in March, and pleaded not guilty to 4th degree assault. This was before the video was leaked. Before this he had been investigated for shooting people twice, killing one, in the line of duty. Both times his acts of violence had been justified. How surprising.

The second video is news footage of the cops beating another black teen, Sheila Stevenson, whose crime was bicycling on the sidewalk at night.

We need to start talking about the ways in which police brutality is used to discipline womyn’s bodies. Whether it be strip-searches, cavity-searches, pat-downs, rape, sexual harassment, or just straight up assault and murder, womyn are systematically targeted by a police apparatus that represents and is a reflection of the racist, sexist, capitalist state it serves.

One response to “Police Brutality against Womyn

  1. Hell yeah. Police target everybody that they think they can overpower. Whether it be men of color or womyn of color, something about being able to harass people just gives pigs some type of high. I think its really great the way that the article above points out that the people never hear about police assaulting womyn. What would happen if people heard about it? I think an explosion would occur! It seems like people would be triggered into doing something if they saw a fellow human being assaulted. I mean can you imagine a bunch of white cops beating the shit out of a womyn of color (whether it be black or latino)? I think remembrance of past days when oppression was more noticeable would overpower and anger the communities of color.

    Also, on a different note (sort of), why haven’t any of you address this bullshit with Sotomayor? I assume ya’ll know who she is, so…. Recently she said “I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life,”. I know she herself is a puppet of bourgeoise interest, but still I’i like to see an analysis of the response to her comment. The right called her a racist and the Left (or so called left) is apologizing. Nobody, from any of the shit I’ve seen, has said fuck yeah womyn of color have a more richer experience than white dudes. NOW. I know there are exceptions, probably tens of thousands of exceptions!! Sure some white dudes have had it more harder that some womyn of color. Of course!! But as a rule of thumb can’t we say that womyn of color have had a more richer experience than white males?

    My two cents….

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