Two Prison Riots – Two Different Strategies

Last saturday, August 8th, a prison riot broke out between Latino and Black prisoners . . . Over 200 prisoners were seriously injured.  What follows is a piece from a statement written by the Chicano Mexicano Prison Project on the riot.  They state that:

What we, Raza and Africans, and all oppressed people (including poor whites) must understand, it is that the “divide and conquer” strategy is the foundation upon which colonialism-capitalism rests. And, if we are serious about ending the vicious violence among colonized and oppressed (poor and working class) people, colonialism-capitalism must be destroyed.

We’re also posting an article on a 10 day prison rebellion (presumably the longest in US history) that happened in the 1990’s that highlights a different approach taken by the prisoners.  In the Lucasville prison uprising, Black and White prisoners united against the prison system itself.  The article reads:

The single most remarkable thing about the Lucasville rebellion is that white and black prisoners formed a common front against the authorities. When the State Highway Patrol came into the occupied cell block after the surrender, they found slogans written on the walls of the corridor and in the gymnasium that read: “Convict unity,” “Convict race,” “Black and whites together,” “Blacks and whites, whites and blacks, unity,” “Whites and blacks together,” “Black and white unity.”

What can we learn from counterposing these two examples of prison upheaval?

The full story of the Lucasville uprising is posted here.

One response to “Two Prison Riots – Two Different Strategies

  1. I agree with the statement of the Mexican guy where he talks about the oppressed not only being black and raza but also the poor whites…thats what i call power proletariat! internationalism is what we need to creat a new international and we can only archive that by advancing the struggle

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