M1 (Dead Prez) on Internationalism – From the Ghetto to Gaza west coast speaking tour

M1 from Dead Prez got interviewed by Davey D about his experience in 1930423.47Gaza (which he wrote about for the SF BayView) and about the importance of international solidarity between the struggle here in the US and struggles abroad.  He’ll be on a speaking tour that’s making stops in Oakland and other Bay Area and Northern California cities. (Click here for the flyer)

For those of us in the belly of the beast, we have a very specific responsibility to be internationalist.  But, one question that comes to mind is: how do we exercise this responsibility?  No doubt symbolic protests and demonstrations against the war, or against the invasion of Gaza by Israel, are important.  But is this deep enough?  Have we struck a nerve in the imperial centre through these processes?

Anti-war organizations are planning a fall campaign, but the question remains: is this enough?  Symbolic protests play a role in shifting public opinion against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, but is there something missing?

Hopefully M1 will get into some of these questions during the tour, and folks can take a stab at it in the comments.

2 responses to “M1 (Dead Prez) on Internationalism – From the Ghetto to Gaza west coast speaking tour

  1. hammer and sickness

    the last point made in the interview is about the internationalization of hip-hop, which is commonly considered a “black art form.” M-1 describes a t-shirt he saw on a palestinian rapper that says: “hip hop is not dead, it lives in Palestine.”

    what does this say about one of the 3 supposed fundamental characteristics of a nation – a common culture?

    upon what material basis has hip-hop transcended its cultural confines and internationalized? what has allowed it to become an “international art form?” I think its internationalization as cultural product is linked to the internationalization of capital. capital has achieved a significant trans- or supra-national dimension that we see mirrored not only in the globalization of the proletariat (and draining of the countryside’s peasantries) but also in a global culture, much of which has a distinct proletarian flavor.

    in other words, the world has never been more ripe in so many ways for international proletarian communist revolution.

  2. quick note on M1’s analysis of corporate terrorism against poor communities through malfeasance throughout the food industrial complex: whether there has been actual, purposeful poisoning of food, mercury or otherwise, which I would not be surprised to have verified, doesn’t really matter compared to vast array of diseases which cheap, highly processed food has wrought. fast food, the vast majority of food in the grocery store is goddamn frankenstein, dr. Jekyll bullshit literally genetically engineered to be as addicting as possible. people, especially children, are no match for massive amounts of corn syrup, poisened or in its unnaturally corrosive state. why would mercury be added to it? the poor are already being killed with these products and tremendous profit is derived from their exploitation by transnational corps. who couldn’t give two shits about childhood obesity or the fact that African american men are the first group in the history of the us to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents; except, i assume, indigenous peoples.

    otherwise M1 is right on.

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