The Coming Bart Strike: The Bay Area’s Battle Against Union Busting

Flier for the rally.  Spread the word!

Flier for the rally. Spread the word!

The capitalist offensive against unions, Wisconsin style, is coming to the Bay Area. BART’s administration has a surplus of money, but the proposals they have put forward for the three BART unions is a concrete step towards their destruction. The destruction of these strong public sector unions will only expand to the rest of the unionized sector, further enslaving the working class to capital. Only a classwide offensive, a movement of drivers and riders, and other workers striking in solidarity, can reverse this process. ATU 1555, ATU 192, AFSCME 3999, ILWU 10, and SEIU 1021 have called for a rally and march, August 1st in downtown Oakland. This is a good step, but concrete actions will need to be taken when the strike unfolds August 5th. The two key objectives will be to unify BART workers and riders in mass mobilizations, breaking the media sponsored attacks, as well as integrate other key working class forces into the struggle, AC Transit, MUNI, ILWU 10, and public sector workers; all of whom, collectively, can shut down the whole system. That form of power along with broad community support is what it will take to counter this attack and form the basis for a broader class offensive.

Please attend the rally and march August 1st, and tell your co-workers and friends.

2 responses to “The Coming Bart Strike: The Bay Area’s Battle Against Union Busting

  1. Of course it would be great to unify ACT and BART workers, but what does this mean practically when the ATU leadership explicitly prevents this from becoming a reality, disallowing them from striking simultaneously? Instead, the ATU even agreed to increase bus service during the short-lived BART strike. And now the SEIU and ATU have both endorsed Brown’s 60 day injunction, putting a strike on hold for two months, despite having not translated the recent tide of militancy into any material gains for the workers. I’m with your sentiment completely but it seems that the complicity of the union leadership in diffusing the potential for this struggle is missing from your analysis. In recent events at least it can be safely said the union leadership has crossed the class line and served explicitly the wishes of the bosses. So it’s not simply the unions that are under attack, but the rank and file, by the leadership and mechanisms of the unions themselves. And ultimately the appeal for these workers to strike in tandem amounts to a call to disobey their unions, and effectively work outside of the union framework. Do you agree with this sentiment?

  2. A much more pressing issue is what is AtS’s analysis of the CA state government intervention and the possibility of a strike after the ‘cooling off’ period?

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