Logistics, Circulation, Class Struggle and Communism Reader

Part of our regular practice together is engaging in short term studies of relevant questions coming up on the pro-revolutionary left.  One of our recent studies has been centered on the strategic importance of sites of capital circulation as places where pro-revolutionary activists and proletarians should focus our intellectual and practical energies.

We’re offering up a formatted version of various texts that have already been published as well as a powerpoint we’ve used among ourselves to help frame the texts.

The texts in question are from Endnotes, Mute, Degenerate Communism and Libcom.  We give props and appreciation to those authors and publications for putting out important theoretical and strategic pieces to help pro-revolutionary activists around the world clarify our thinking.

Let us know what your thoughts are if you’re studying similar stuff, ways in which you’ve formatted study packets, and other thoughts.

Reader and presentation after the jump.  Enjoy.


Click for the full reader.


Click for presentation.


2 responses to “Logistics, Circulation, Class Struggle and Communism Reader

  1. Hey comrades,

    Thanks for putting this together. I look forward to checking it out here soon.

    As a small aside, I noticed you used the term “pro-revolutionary” instead of “revolutionary” and this seems to have some meaning particularly within the communization milieu. How do y’all understand the difference and what does it mean that y’all or some of y’all are using the term with regard to your own past as something distinct from communization (still if there is some influence)? Not picking a bone here, in fact I’m pretty agnostic about the whole thing and care less about the term itself. I’m simply interested in the content behind it.



  2. Hi TZ,

    I wrote the intro. Got it from the Nihilist Communism collection by Monsieur DuPont that I read while traveling last summer. Those fools are a trip, pretty bizarre, but an engaging read.

    Personally, I like the “pro-revolutionary activist” signifier because it highlights the fact of what we are in favor of, what we work toward, what our goals are, etc.

    If we begin from the premise of our everyday activities as people, we engage in organizing, theoriZing, class combat, etc, but we in the US are not currently engaged in revolutionary activity. It seems useful to save the revolutionary signifier to describe people in the process if making revolution because then it’s signifying the content of everyday activity.

    I agree with you about being agnostic about it.


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