How do Movements become Revolutionary flyer

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How to get involved flyer

Here is a flyer that we have been using in the Bay Area that seeks to continue and center the conversation of these protest around: How do movements become revolutionary? It seeks to provide some tips and ideas of how the community can get involved and how to ‘generalize the activities from the movement into other spheres of society’.

Hit us up so we can come up with more ideas together, share resources, and collaborate!

4 responses to “How do Movements become Revolutionary flyer

  1. Please post your reading list when it is ready

  2. Hello. I am organizing a radical study group in the San Francisco Bay Area and I have a question. We are alternating between highly influential classic revolutionary texts, like The German Ideology by Marx, and texts that are relevant to what is happening right now. For the latter category we chose “American Babylon: Race and the Struggle for Postwar Oakland”. About ten pages into the book, it seems that the author is not a labor historian, and that we will have to read between the lines a little in order to get the most out of the book. Can you recommend books or articles about the labor history of Oakland and/or the Bay Area that might be a good supplement to this book? Have any of you read American Babylon and if so do you think it is good for a study group?

  3. Hey there Greg,

    Your reading group sounds very interesting! American Babylon is one of the best histories of postwar Oakland, but it is lacking in does leave more to be desired. You may, if you haven’t already, look into Imperial San Francisco and No There, There, which are a bit academic but are nice supplements to your study. Possibly taking chapters out of each. Hope this helps and keep us posted on how it progresses.

  4. Hello, comrades. I wonder if you would consider reviewing this pamphlet written about more or less the same topic:

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