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Here you’ll find downloadable flyers & pamphlets written by Advance the Struggle.

40th Anniversary of San Francisco State Strike

Oakland General Strike

Capitalist Budget Cuts Flyer

Melt the ICE! Flyer – Spanish

Melt the ICE! Flyer – English

Oscar Grant: Advance the Struggle Flyer

Capitalism & The Food Crisis Flyer

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  1. damn this shit is hella gangsta i’m feelin it

  2. Professor Mike Cole

    Dear Comrades
    I wonder if you could help me? I’m just finishing my forthcoming book, Racism and Education in the UK and the US: The Socialist Alternative, to be published by Palgrave Macmillan in New York.
    I’m writing the section on Racism and Education in the US at the moment, and wondered if you had anything you could alert me to? I’m looking for some articles that chart antiracist edcuation/critical pedagogy written by Marxists from Brown v Board of Education up to the present.
    Can you recommend anything?
    You may also be interested in my latest book:
    I look forward to hearing from you
    Best wishes
    (Professor Mike Cole)

  3. Some thoughts on class struggle in britain NOW……the strike of 3/4 million public sector workers with picket line support from others including the private sector represents a sea change and has opened debate about the potential for change and how that might be organised.

    i have been suggesting/argueing in my responses to various issues over a range of websites that in relation to cuts campaigns we need to link up every single struggle and to generalise and understanding that the working
    class and its allies need to use all it creativity in these struggles.if the better world we want is built on and with the ruins of the old then our struggles
    need to contain the seed of what we want.that socialism is not only our end point but that it is our means too.we need also to struggle for what we want and what we need,not simply the last or least worst option that is on offer.

    capitalism is now in decay and decadent,though it might take along time dying.the capitalist class here illustrate at every turn that not only are they not competent but that the system is vbecoming unworkable and ungovernable,though it is not simply about the abilities of members of their class

    today the court dismissed charges of over 120 student and other demonstrators at fortnum and mason where i believ uk uncut were seeking to illustrate the way major companies evade tax which alone might fill a major part of the itself this is a valid point.the dropping of charges is a boost to the movement.that said we should not build our arguments on capitalism nor keynsian economics of any kind.their system does not work.we ned to argue for total change,to smash it and to build socialism-a society based on hman need.not greed or profit.

    dropping the charges is however another indication of the political weakness and lack of confidence of the ruling class here.sometimes the arguments and the evidence speak for themselves.sometimes the values of of different sections of capitalism will stand in direct opposition to each other
    seperatly from the political parties.

    rights and responsibilities is one such dynamic.they cant quite make it stick that we ought to give up rights to pay for their the same time with the crisis of confidence caused by the corruption of politics,police and media,none of their class take any responsibility for anything.

    the revolutionary left needs to take every opportunity to demonstrate that this is their political crisis.they dont seem to have any idea of responsibility or apology-except to rebuild their profits and possibly out of family values in which muroch thinks rebekah brooks is family.the system is corrupted and decadent however in a way which goes well beyond individual responsibility.the whole system to its roots is now is not individual failure but systemic breakdown.

    now at least 4 senior officers in the metroplitan police force have been forced out.them and more will be subject to investigation.politicians and journalists are also under investigation.i have no confidence in the ability of any investigation to come to the truth nor rebuild confidence.

    the working class should have no confidence in any of it,and should both break with it and break it.the politicians have contributed to emptying the content of this democracy.newspapers are mostly not newspapers.they have set themselves up as investigators of what-of the wrongdoing of victims and of the dead.
    meanwhile the police decide what should be investigated.they have colluded in the revictimisation of victims in this scandal and others.they decide what to pursue and investigate on grounds which have nothing to do with crime.they arrest people for lawful protest and for thought crime.using agent provocateurs and other fixes.they let down vulnerable families,sell information,fail to make any impact on rape convictions-along with the rest of criminal justice.they spy on each other.

    and ir clearly reveals what they are good at-being a clas tool of the ruling class as “bodies of armed men”

    we need to remind them and ourselves that”we will not forgive.we will not forget.expect us!”

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